Team Building on the French Riviera

The aim of team building programs is to strengthen team spirit. Our programs support interactions, communication and mixing between participants. The goal is to challenge colleagues to develop shared values, like engagement or cohesion. Our programs are adapted to the participants’ profiles, your timing, budgets and constraints. Our guarantee? Giggles, memories and LOTS OF FUN!

The Olympics

Experience the exhilaration of the Olympics Games and show that you have what it takes to be international champions ! Imagine your delegation, flag and anthem and defend your teams’ colours at the frenetic pace of the sports activities proposed.

duration: 1d-1 / 2d

number of people: 1-500 pers

seasons: ext

difficulty: ⅗

point + : Choose your host city, our organizing committee moves and adapts itself


SIR YES SIR ! You will be welcomed by our staffs in military wear to participate in a special activity « Boot Camp ». At the programme : surpassing of yourselves, challenges, competition spirit, optimism and a taste of adventure, all in the heart of the forest ! The objective is not only to make the best time, but also to encourage each other to overcome the various obstacles. So ready ?! 3,2,1 GO!

duration: 1d-1 / 2d

number of people: 1-500 pers

seasons: ext

difficulty: ⅘

point + : This is an innovative program, customizable to all kind of audience and sites. It encourages mutual aid, solidarity and surpassing oneself.


What if you had tomorrow’s news today?!

You are amazed to receive an edition of tomorrow’s « Cannes Sun Times » newspaper. In main headline, the biggest robbery of all times has been committed in a prestigious jewellery in the city of Cannes. Hundreds of jewellery worth nearly 100 million euros were stolen by 2 criminals already known by the Police force.

With the help your of teammates, try to change the course of history and prevent this burglary. Investigate, interrogate, deduce, and collect as many elements as possible in the heart of the city, in order to modify the prediction…

duration: 1d-1 / 2d

number of people: 1-400 pers

seasons: int- ext

difficulty: ⅗

point + : A captivating rally and scenario. Participants and actors in the heart of the action. Ideal for mixing discovery of a city or a village and a challenge in teams.

Photo Explorer 2.0

Equipped of your smartphone and a selfie stick, discover the extraordinary cultural and artistic heritage which offers the French Riviera. Through this activity, explore a city, its points of interests and its local treasures. With your team, demonstrate a maximum of creativity to capture original selfies to differentiate yourselves from your competitors.

At the end of the activity, connect your team onto our WIFI BOX to print out your photos and keep an unforgettable souvenir of this activity !

duration: 1d-1 / 2d

number of people: 1-300 pers

seasons: int and / or ext

difficulty: ⅖

point + : New in 2017! Discover a city or village in an original and trendy way!

All over the world

Urban rally

The “Urban Rally” is the most fun, fun and challenging way to discover a villa. With only a roadbook, and a few euros, the participants must manage and be insightful to elucidate the riddles that are proposed and advance in the game.

place : Cannes, Nice, Paris, Monaco, Lyon, Marseille, Barcelona, … All cities over the world!

Organization: Distributed in teams and accompanied by a road book including a quiz, the participants must appeal to their curiosity, reflection, and speed to discover the answers and the different stages that are proposed to them during their journey. Each stage allows you to take on challenges and score points!

Suggestions of tests (non-exhaustive list):

  • Provencal scents and flavors : use your taste buds and your sense of smell to recognize syrups, herbs from Provence or regional specialties.
  • Pétanque : test your precision on the most famous Provencal game in the world
  • Soundtracks : on a small square find our musician for a musical test


A treasure hunt inspired by the famous game “Who is it? And using new technologies through your smartphone.
The goal is to find the new French star. But what does it look like? Where is she hiding? Assisted by the technology “flashcode”, participants discover the city in a totally new way, moving from picturesque streets to typical neighborhoods, discovering remarkable and unusual monuments …

place : Cities all over the world!

Organization : In teams of paparazzi, go in search of “flashcodes” distributed in the heart of the most beautiful sites of the city and participate in fun workshops to obtain essential clues to find the “New Star”!

Suggestions of tests (non-exhaustive list) :

  • IPad Musical Quiz : Find our host on a small square for an original musical quiz on iPad. Guess a maximum of movie soundtracks that were a big hit on the big screen.
  • 7th Art Quiz : pool your knowledge to get the clue.
  • Festival, rhinestones, sequins and casino : Celebrities love casinos. Confront your croupiers for a Black Jack challenge!


Become a real film crew! With your colleagues, assign yourself roles and missions, compete in the filming and editing of a film nominated for your own festival.
The film shot is silent, but the music of the reference film is positioned on the filmed scenes. Be creative and share your skills, in order to win “Oscar”!

place : On the Club Med website or in the surrounding cities all over the World!

Organization : Participants are divided into teams and equipped with a camcorder and various accessories.

  • With your team make a mini-film version “The Artist”, in black and white on the theme of your choice (examples: the values of your company, new products …)
  • At the end of the shooting, a member of each team assists our editor to edit the mini-films.
  • Watching the first rendering of the movies either in the wake or well during a gala evening.
  • Award of a personalized Oscar for the winning team and a DVD with all the films made a few days after the event.

KaP or PaKaP?

The objective of this challenge is to send the teams on different interactive challenges and relay them on the Facebook fan page Kapou Pakap? and by the profiles pages of each team … No roadbooks! The missions and challenges are given and published on the fan page … An original, modern, engaging, festive and challenging indoor rally!
So will you be heading or not heading?

place : In your premises, offices, your hotel, meeting room and surroundings … All over the World.


  • Phase 1: The participants are divided into teams formed in advance. 7 days before the event, the teams are communicated to the participants. Each team must then, before D-Day, create their identity: 1 team name + 1 logo + 1 group photo.
  • Phase 2: On D-Day, participants discover the rules of the game that awaits them. Each team is given the access codes of its facebook profile page (created beforehand by the administrator). Let’s go !

At the top start, the first challenge is delivered as a private message on the Profile Pages. The teams give themselves the means to take up the challenges launched and validate them one after the other by posting the results on the wall of the page Kapou Pakap? They are based on initiative, daring, trends, artistic abilities, fun and group cohesion!


Time is against you! Divided into teams and in a given time, find a maximum of tags on a predefined site. With your teammates, determine a specific strategy because time slots are imposed to participate in workshops yielding bonus points!

placeCities, forest, beaches all over the world …

Organization: Each team receives a map of the site with the location of tags and workshops to find and a scorecard.

Suggestions for “games” tags (non-exhaustive list):

  • Rescue: In an allotted time, build a makeshift stretcher to carry the members of your team. Speed and efficiency are required.
  • Flower syrups: awaken your taste buds during this workshop. Mimosa, rose, lavender, poppy are among the flavors to recognize.
  • Catapult: An artisanal catapult, wet sponges as projectiles and that’s the challenge of catching up on sponges. Not so easy when the trajectories are not obvious

murder party

Your guests are welcomed without suspecting what will happen in a few moments!
Suddenly, a gunshot sounds behind the door, the victim enters and collapses on the ground. The guests then discover with stupor a corpse on the ground. But do not panic, this is our FBI inspector! This one is there to put on the way the guests and to elucidate this enquest. If the idea of a death disturbs, we adapt a kidnapping scenario with a person to find through the help of clues.

place : Your hotel, a reception area, a restaurant, a meeting room … All over the World

Organization : The participants divided into teams of investigators must then solve the riddle. To help them, they have different clues, a finding of the medical examiner and
from a list of suspects. With all these elements, proceed by deduction to find the culprit, the weapon and the crime scene!
A ranking is established according to the time required to solve the survey for each team.

“The activity was a lot of fun, everyone got into the game and it was pure happiness to see each team working on the construction of their raft! From a logistical point of view, it was a pleasure to work with Anthony and his team. They were very discreet and ultra efficient during the implementation of the activity. They then animated it brilliantly. Then left the premises in perfect condition. Our first collaboration is a success … see you in September! “

Marine Waeckerle – Team Tour Agency

Team Building on the French Riviera personalized

Our Team Building Cote d’Azur is a particularly original sports or cultural team building with the aim of strengthening team spirit, improving communication and interactions between participants. Add some punch to your day with a buggy ride or a thrilling tournament! Our Team Building Côte d’Azur encourages team building.

Prefer Okwiide Events for organizing new events on the French Riviera for your corporate seminar or corporate anniversary! We also plan the organization of evenings, nocturnes and the incentive trip. You will not be able to remember these unique and memorable moments in the Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur region, in Cannes, Nice or elsewhere on the French Riviera with a smile on your face. Our personalized team building programs invite cohesion and conviviality. Our goal is to give you and your colleagues unforgettable hours

Fun for your Team Building in paca

Our paca Team Building brings together a large number of activities. Discover Boot Camp, totally customizable and adaptable to any site. Imagine our Olympics at home on the Cote d’Azur. Take part in the biggest challenges by leading your team masterfully. If you prefer the action, solve a more than strange affair by living the adventure Tomorrow at the front. Privatize your events is simple thanks to our team building in paca! Our group dynamic focuses on sports activities such as corporate culture. You spend a special moment with colleagues.




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